Our Story – Beginnings

30 03 2009

This idea started as a simple forum discussion by Treasure Hunter. “Let’s collectively write a story. I know we have some imaginative friends and you have been very expressive in the numerous discussions. Want to create something together? And, yes, there are a few rules of engagement. If you have personal comments, please email me, and I will address your concerns.

You can only add up to, two-four sentences at a time, you can participate more than once, and try to keep it flowing. No vulgarity please, and If a character is introduced, you can describe that person in 3-4 sentences or less. Do not use this Discussion to take personal shots at each other please, and do not critique or edit someone else’s work on this Discussion. Please place your comment in WORD and use spell check if you are unsure of your spelling and grammar, but a final edit will be done when the book is completed. Like our lives, this story can go in many directions. Are you game to see where it takes us? Ready?

So let’s get started having a FUNtastic time. Ready? Whose daring enough to start it off?

LaTreka Cross was the first to respond and the story took on a life of its own from there. We had no idea where it would lead but it has led us to this celebration of love, renewed hope and promises of new beginnings for us all.

Enjoy our story and please feel free to share it with friends and use as a discussion tool.




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