The Authors

Treasure Hunter
larger denim suit smilingTreasure Hunter is also known as Kyt. 

“Mother of 5 sons and a daughter, as well as “Eya” to 5 grandsons. I am not really ashamed to say that I am a better grandmother than I was a mother. Seriously working on my Masters of Motherhood and being confident I will have a degree of experience and knowlege, to help make change in the lives of many.

“Caring about the environment we will leave behind is important to me, so I am a advent reclycler, which means I can find a re-purpose for just about everthing we throw away.

“A professional gift basket designer and small business owner, as well as my passion as a public speaker keeps me pretty busy.

“I am also a writer, who encourages those that I meet to “Be Write About It”, meaning to express things that most people would not, could not and do not say. It has been quite an experience, because in doing this, I have written and produced a play about a major turning point in my life.

“Continually trying to enrich an already full life as a caring and responsible human being and the lives of my family is an all-the-time joyful practice.

“Peace, purpose, passion, prosperity and promise is what I seek and advocate. Those close to me say I am a TRUE ETERNAL OPTIMIST that knows that circumstances can be better, if we continue to work hard and believe.

Malakia-Kali Thomas

malakiaMalakia K. Thomas is a United States Air Force Officer nearing 20 years of a rewarding military career (while not quite ready to retire) she is excited by the possibilities of pursing long held interests in mentoring, community service, juvenile justice and family advocacy programs — in the next phase of her career-life.

An avid reader who also likes to write, Malakia also enjoys research/learning and continuing education, particularly: autism, criminal behavior and learning theories and psycho-social crime causation….  Malakia is business partner to Kevin A. Green (creator) of the website site  Daily Love Notes – is a subscription-based service that offers members the opportunity to send, “I love you” notes to the ones who matter most.

 Malakia is completing a dual MBA/BA-Business and Organizational Security Management while teaching AFROTC at Howard University.  She lives in Maryland and is single with 2 dogs (Baylee and Tenka!). 

The views expressed in this publication are those of the author and do not reflect the official policy or position of the United States Air Force, Department of Defense, or the US Government.

Nerissa Golden

nerissa-2008-037Nerissa Golden is a former journalist who now runs goldenmedia Montserrat, a multimedia firm specializing in public relations and marketing strategies for entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations. Golden is the Creative Director of Truly Woman magazine, a free online publication showcasing women around the world and providing a godly perspective on living life on purpose.

She is also a social entrepreneur having founded Victory Christian Academy, an alternative learning school on St. Maarten. Her Truly Caribbean Network hosts the annual Young Entrepreneurs Symposiums and Truly Caribbean Woman seminars. The single mother of four is the author of “Truly Caribbean Woman’s Guide to Good Love” and “The Making of a Caribbeanpreneur: Strategies for Overcoming Fear and Building Wealth.” 

Nerissa can also be seen as the life coach for the Warren Cassell Show now seen around the Caribbean and in Europe.

LaTreka Cross, Lee, Roylee47, Donna Be Blessed, Jae, 2Morrowknight, Cecily Levingston, Lady, IndustryBuzzz, Melissimo,  Marla, Sharon Johns, and Rock & Roll Baby.

LaTreka Cross

LaTreka Cross is an aspiring writer currently penning her first paranormal manuscript. She has a bachelor’s degree from DeVry Institute of Technology in Business Administration. Other than writing, she enjoys sketching, painting and curling up with a good book. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and son. You can check out her blog at for short stories and updates on book releases.



Monica “Monniej” Johnson

My name is Monica (Monniej,)Johnson and I am one of the owners of PA Dreamers LLC, a small bath and body products, spa service and personal and comfort wear retailer in Detroit, Michigan.

My sister, Donna Bell and I came together and started PA Dreamers (P.A. are our mom’s initials) to honor our mother and to help us recognize how we can avoid some of the health issues she battled before passing away from hyperthyroidism at a very young 48 years of age. My mother suffered from a multitude of skin problems ranging from swelling and boils to cystic blemishes and I really believe that if she were still here we could offer her many more choices than those available in the 1980s. My mom’s skin problems also prompted me to go to school and become a licensed esthetician.

David L. (Roylee47) Frank is a husband and father of four.

roylee1“I have worked in the government for the last 30 years. I am also a pianist/singer/songwriter, and have enjoyed doing so for the last 40 years. Because I have three daughters this issue is one that is close to me.

“Abuse against women is the social breakdown of what men should truly be representing in this society. When we act out our frustrations by verbally, or physically abusing our female counterparts we have chosen to reject God’s instructions for us as men to love our wives, companions, and daughters, as Christ has loved the church, and as he has loved us. As long as there is an exit then there is a way to leave before we react in the wrong way. 

“I know that I love the Lord, and I cannot achieve anything without him being in my life.  I believe that we are all put here on this earth to live in harmony. I believe that African-Americans should be further committed to looking back to the periods where we have become divided in purpose, and in relationships with one another, and repair those riffs so that we can create a better present day life for ourselves, and insure a better future for our children. 

“I am a person who believes that you can never stop learming new, and exciting things. I pretty much stay the same person from day to day, and like to believe: that if you can’t be real, and true to ourselves than what else is there to be?”


7 responses

6 04 2009
Carol Gaskin (nee George)

Hey Nerissa,

Any chance for another joint novel on another topical issue. I would LOVE to be a part. I am totally enjoying this one

Be Blessed,


3 04 2009

Hi Nerissa, I just wanted to thank you for the profile you displayed, and the fine job you did. I am really humbled to be in the company of those who I share this page with, and honored to have been a participant.
Thank you all for allowing me to be a part of this. I know that this book will truly be an inspiration to those woman who have had to endured abuse, and will hopefuly allow them to come out of their circumstances, and be made whole again.
Thanks again, take care, abd God Bless.

2 04 2009
Treasure Hunter


2 04 2009

I can’t get enough of the story… once combined — I realize how it’s such an awesome collaboration! Even while addressing the horror/struggle and divisiveness of domestic violence -the belief in God fearing lovingkindness, respect, reciprocity, hope and healing is not lost…. It’s a wonderful tale… by a few extraordinary people!

2 04 2009

This is absolutely wonderful! Ms. Nerissa, Treasure, Monniej, LaTreka and Roylee — you guys have a great vision!!! Good for you!!

2 04 2009
Treasure Hunter

It made me smile too!

2 04 2009
Treasure Hunter

Oh my, don’t we look good? Truly Caribbean Woman has done a masterful job at putting all of this together. Fantastic job on behalf of the writers, people who suggested titles and the countless number of supporters who inspired us every single day. This has truly made the Creator smile.

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